Artigo Internacional Understanding The EU AI Act: a new era in AI Regulation In Europe Social Science Research Network (SSRN) 

This paper explores the intricate relationship between generative artificial intelligence (AI), copyright law, and the European Union’s AI Act. It delves into the complexities of generative AI technologies, examining how they challenge existing copyright frameworks. The AI Act’s implications for generative AI tools, particularly in terms of regulatory compliance and intellectual property rights, are critically analyzed. The paper highlights the evolving nature of AI technologies and the consequent need for adaptive legal frameworks. The discussion focuses on balancing innovation in AI with the protection of intellectual property, emphasizing the necessity for clarity in laws and regulations to guide the ethical and responsible use of AI. The analysis includes a review of the AI Act’s stipulations on transparency, risk classification, and the rights of content creators, suggesting ways in which the Act could influence the development and use of generative AI tools.